Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An American family story: One rich, one poor and their values

Which would you prefer to be?

Is there a happy medium anywhere?

Rich helps poor family member, maybe? Nada. Not of value.

Dennis Kucinich Compares Treatment Of PFC Bradley Manning To Abu Ghraib & Warns Defense Sec Gates

We are blessed to have such a man as Kucinich, and we are stupid to have not elected him when we could have.... let us hope he can stop this torture of Bradley Manning taking place in our own country.

US Nuremberg Prosecutor: "My Government Today Prepared to Do Something for Which We Hanged Germans"

So there we are. We have a difficult world, and really it's up to the young people to do something about it. Do what your heart tells you is the right thing - stop glorifying war. Do it as best you can. We are spending $2 billion every day on the military. We have a stronger military than every nation in the world combined. What for? No one wants the US to be the self-appointed policeman of he world. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy. We are denying people the elements of health and education by wasting our money on weapons of mass destruction that we cannot use. If you cannot reach and persuade politicians to reverse this disastrous policy, you may have to take to the streets. What else can we do?

"America is a great democracy, and in every democracy it's normal, and it should be that way, that people have differences of opinion. But a democracy can only work if its people are being told the truth. You cannot run a country as Hitler did, feeding the public a pack of lies to frighten them that they are being threatened so it's justified to kill people you don't even know. You cannot do that. It's not logical, it's not decent, it's not moral and it's not helpful. When an unmanned bomber from a secret American airfield fires rockets into a little Pakistan or Afghan village and thereby kills or maims unknown numbers of innocent people, what is the effect of that?

Every victim will hate Americans forever and will be willing to die killing as many Americans as possible. Where there is no court of justice wild vengeance is the alternative."