Thursday, March 10, 2011

White House "angrily" quashes DNC support of labor protests: says events beyond DC a "distraction"

In case you missed it, this March 3 NYTs story about Obama's new "no drama" staff reveals a lot about why we don't see the president donning his "comfortable shoes" and "walking the picket line" with American workers fighting the corporate coups in Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida. Turns out, the DNC was out in front of the struggles with staff in place to mobilize a national network for protest, BUT THEY WERE RECALLED at the behest of Obama's new "no drama" staffers. Seems that the fight of our lives is "too much drama" for this administration -- they're busy "winning the future," so don't expect any last minute support our party at any level because the leaders of the party don't have time for "distractions."

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  1. That's pretty weak, Barack.

    This is a historical moment for America. Are you going to be on the right side of history here?