Friday, May 20, 2011

Published on Thursday, May 19, 2011 by US Actions, Not Obama's Words Tell Story of US Middle East Policy by Dennis Kucinich

We all want to be supportive of our President as he attempts to broaden America's positive role in the Middle East and North Africa. But it is important to critically analyze what the President does, not what he says, when it comes to U.S. policy abroad. When the President says ‘[i]t will be the policy of the United States to promote reform across the region, and to support transitions to democracy,’ we must look more carefully at how this policy has been implemented as well as the implications of the actions that have already been taken.

President Obama violated the Constitution by pursuing war against Libya without a Constitutionally-required authorization for the use of military force or declaration of war from Congress. His actions, and now his policy recitations, set the stage for more interventions, presumably in Syria and Iran. His recounting of the reasons for U.S. intervention in Libya is at odds with the facts. There was no clear evidence of an impending massacre in Libya. There was menacing rhetoric and a violent government put-down of an armed insurrection which may have been joined by some with legitimate non-violent aspirations. No one can justify the actions of any parties to this conflict. In any case, discretion requires leaders to move with the utmost care in developing military responses to rhetoric and similar care to intervention in a civil war.

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  1. I appreciate Dennis speaking truth to deeds.. I wish we were smart enough, critical enough, and brave enough to take a stand and fight it out using language to get our needs met instead of war, crime or disease and now security economies that make fodder of us for their businesses.

    Please... get a clue. Get a real business. Be free and start our own enlightened economy. Go to for starters... get your integrity intact, to be reliable.