Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Strategy to win for the progressives... a playbook!

Maybe we could do the same with the Dems:

http://theprecinctproject.wordpress.com /

Concord Project videos:
http://youtu.be/KMBa713YCUI What is a precinct and how it works
http://youtu.be/Nczt5cN8hd4 The importance of precinct committee members
http://youtu.be/yMkTdMXwhbE How you become a precinct committee member
http://youtu.be/MendmDZ-iu0 The time committment for a precinct committee person

This next guy is a little wacko but pretty good on this subject:

http://www.wagthedog2010.com /

His page describes a "Total Victory Plan 2012" like this:

"precinct strategy + committees of safety + oath keepers = victory"

I think I know what that means but the link is dead. Anyway, we may as well use what the TPers have figured out, why re-invent the wheel, right?

I see no reason why we couldn't get Progressives into the Dem party the same way, and shift that whole structure Left. If enough of us Dems did it, it would work the same way. It took some digging but I scrounged up the info for my state.

I forgot to add... there is a Facebook page for Progressive who are beginning to do this:

Flash-Mob the county party executive committees

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